Plastic Mold Steel


World class stable and reliable quality

NAK80 is Daido's registered trade-mark in Japan.
NAK is also registered in Japan, China, and other countries.

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What is NAK80?

NAK80 is Daido's plastic mold steel.
Daido has been obtaining high fame as a pioneer of highly reliable in the field of the 40HRC pre-hardened steel.

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NAK80's Features

Customer oriented easy to use steel NAK80.
NAK80 is always selected by customers as the most suitable steel for plastic molds.

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Sales & Support Offices

Daido is supplying NAK80 all over the world through global network.

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NAK80's Examples

Contributing to the production of high quality plastic products in various applications.

Automobile instrumental panel

Excellent visibility of meter covers necessary for safty driving.
Helpful for better visibility and comfortable indoor space.

Automotive headlamp

Highly designed headlamp regarded as automobile facial features.
NAK80 is essential to fine surface finishing required for beautiful and effective light reflection.

Cosmetic container

Beauty of container is one of important elements of cosmetics such as transparent bottles and glittering compact cases.
NAK80 always exists beside you.

Motorcycle windshield

Essential part to shield strong wind.
NAK80 supports safety driving by highly visible plastic shields.

Frame of flat-panel TV

Many stylish and classy electrical appliances.
NAK80 is supporting to create fine interia space.