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Daido Steel Group 2026 Mid-Term Management Plan

Daido Steel Co., Ltd. (President: Tetsuya Shimizu) is pleased to announce the Daido Steel Group’s 2026 Mid-Term Management Plan for the three-year period from fiscal 2024 to 2026.

Our “Vision for 2030”
We will pursue high-performance materials, create benefits for customers, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

From the medium- to the long-term perspective, the global economy is expected to remain in low growth, as the international political landscape is becoming increasingly unstable and uncertain. In Japan, we anticipate significant changes in the social infrastructure that supports our daily lives due to an ageing and declining population, fewer children, and the continuation of the shift to a decarbonized and recycling-oriented economy. The global industrial system is also likely to undergo substantial changes that appreciably alter our company’s business environment.
The semiconductor market is expected to grow on the strength of progress toward automobile electrification and the expansion and sophistication of AI applications in the information and telecommunications field. Other factors will be an expansion of markets for new products developed for communications satellites for use in space and for other applications, an increase in aviation demand against the backdrop of global population growth, the expansion of demand for clean renewable energy, and an expansion of the advanced medical care market to serve a population with a higher average age.

In light of these significant external changes our company will encounter, our medium-term management plan recognizes that we are currently in a period of transformation. We will need to institute a new transition management approach, in order to bring about our “Vision for 2030”.
We are going to make every effort to implement the following management policies.

2026 Mid-Term Management Plan] - Transition Management -
We will view the coming changes in socioeconomic and industrial conditions as opportunities for business growth and transformation of our business portfolio and achieve sustainable profit growth in new business domains (customers, value proposition, and approach).

Daido Steel Group operates around the world, guided by this management philosophy: “Pursue the potential of materials to support our future," We understand that our Group's raison d'être (Purpose) is to contribute to everyone’s future by fulfilling our Mission to pursue the potential of high-performance materials.
By pursuing high-performance materials, creating benefits for customers, and contributing to the realization of a sustainable society, we thereby also hope to enhance our sustainable corporate value.

DAIDO STEEL GROUP 2026 Mid-term Management Plan(PDF:5,674KB)